Comprehensive Jatropha Report

The Comprehensive Jatropha Report provides practical data, updates and insights about the jatropha biofuel industry. More »

A Comprehensive Cellulosic Ethanol Report

The Comprehensive Cellulosic Ethanol Report was prepared precisely to cater to this need for a clear, balanced and comprehensive guide about this important emerging business opportunity. More »

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Get regular insights and analysis of the opportunities in the Biofuel Industry, and updates on the latest and emerging trends in Bio based sources and products.

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Biofuels Customized Research

Biofuels Customized Research

BioZio provides customized research and reports in various biofuel domains to suit your business intelligence needs. BioZio's research division delivers value-added customized research to clients in biofuel industries.

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 - provides comprehensive resources related to castor plant, castor bean, castor oil, castor derivatives & castor-based oleochemicals - Oilgae is the global information support resource for the algae fuels industry. Assisting many companies around the world in their efforts to produce fuels from algae.

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